How to sign up for the TELUS Esports Series Rocket League championship

May 16, 2021

Starting on May 17, you can register for the TELUS Esports Series Rocket League season. In order to be eligible to compete, you must be:

  • 15 years old or older as of June 12
  • A Canadian citizen or resident
  • Able to supply your own equipment and network connection, per tournament rules

Between June 7 and June 11, all registered participants must fill out their team rosters, and sign up their teams in either the Competitive or Casual division. Players of all skill levels are welcome! At the TELUS Esports Series, you can showcase your talent and gaming passion regardless of your level of experience – no esports background required.

Naturally, the Competitive division prizes are larger, but the skill level required to be able to compete is also much higher. Players below Diamond may pick either the Competitive or Casual division, but players ranked Diamond and up should pick the Competitive division.

After registering your account and signing your team up in your chosen division, make sure to join the official TELUS Esports Series Discord to coordinate your matches, chat with the Rocket League community, and receive updates.